Mindful Writing: Getting started and keeping going

What are our personal barriers to starting to write or writing more often? How can we overcome them? What distracts us whilst we are writing? How can we transfer the attraction of the distraction into our writing practice? In this workshop, Annie will share her techniques and solutions to writing problems by using meditation to recognise and remove the barriers and distractions so often encountered in the writing process.

Annie is a travel writer and blogger at To enhance her writing she combines her extensive experience of over twenty years of independent travel with mindfulness. Annie currently hosts city based writing retreats – dedicated time to writing without interruption in convenient and accessible locations.

Buy your tickets here.


You can deepen your meditation practice with the exercises featured in 21 Doors to Happiness, an amazing book written by Chit Dubey:


21 Doors to Happiness Amazon review:

“The first book of its kind, 21 Doors to Happiness covers 21 diverse subjects from travel, wealth, relationships, racial issues, climate change and wars to spirituality. It uses many real incidents from Asia, Africa, Europe and America to explain this beautiful world. This book offers a unique combination of wisdom with engaging stories, where each chapter ends with a simple exercise to find peace and happiness. It does not lecture, but gifts you 21 simple, unique meditation techniques (sutras) for a daily life. Happiness is inside you. You just need to dive deeper and observe it. You have every potential to live a peaceful and fruitful life. Life is about love, compassion, and freedom.”

Get your copy here.

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